• Up Front | Thanksgiving Memories

    With Thanksgiving a very recent (and delicious) memory, I am reminded how much we have to be thankful for.  Each of these updates is truly an example of God’s blessing and work among us.

    Christian Life Week Recap & Upcoming Events

    We were privileged to have Charles Price, Senior Pastor of The Peoples Church (Toronto, ON) share with us for Christian Life Week, Sept 25-27. To allow for overflow, the event team decided to create a temporary meeting space in the Dining Hall.  This proved to be a good idea as we needed every seat. We are grateful for both our community members who took in this event and the over 200 who tuned in to watch the livestream.  Follow the links below to relive Christian Life Week 2012.

    Video (Whole Series)
    Audio (Listen or Download the MP3)
    (Facebook Photo Album)

    We continue to welcome some amazing guests as part of our Prairie Presents series including Dale Wheeler – Piano Concert (Oct 20), Mark Francisco (Nov 27) and George Verwer (Jan 21-22). If you’d like to catch these events, either in person or livestreamed (when available), visit www.prairie.edu/prairiepresents for details.

    BAIS GlobeTREK

    During Christian Life Week we were able to commission Sarah McReynolds, the first student on our new GlobeTrek Internship.  Sarah was also featured in the Calgary Herald and you can read that article here. A highlight of the BA in Intercultural Studies, the 9-month internship takes students on a hourney of over 35,000 kilometres to 10 countries and 4 continents where they will learn first-hand how God is using his people to meet tremendous needs through ministry with orphans, street kids, prisoners, AIDS victims and former child soldiers.  For more information, visit www.prairie.edu/globetrek.

    Explore | Annual Trip to Montana

    A highlight of this new school year was making the trip to Plains, MT to catch up with about 40 of our Explore students who spend half of the year south of the border.  You may know that I am a bit of an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying skiing, hiking and camping, but compared to these Explore | Certificate in Wilderness & Leadership students, I am quite an amateur. They were nice enough to include me and tweet this picture confirming I was there.  We look forward to having them back on campus on October 28th.

    Prairie School of Mission Aviation Donation

    A few months ago, Robert & Marilynn Weeks felt prompted to turn right on Highway 21 and make an unplanned stop at the Prairie School of Mission Aviation hangar. They toured the facility and let us know that they had an airplane they thought we could use.  On September 24th, I flew first class (Prairie Air) with Michael Fox, Director of PSMA, to a farm in Southern Alberta to take delivery of a low-hour Cessna 172 which is now in the fleet. Our prayer is that this airplane will be used to equip men and women for the work of God around the world.You can view pictures of the hand-off below.

    Al Hayat & Islamic Studies

    Over the past two years, we have made an intentional commitment to meeting global needs and one area of focus has been reaching the Muslim world.

    First, the Al Hayat Discipleship program began last year under the leadership of alumnus Wagdi Iskander. This program is hosted on our campus and provides much-needed discipleship to Muslim Background Believers (MBBs). Qualifying students are also eligible for a bursary covering all costs related to this program (room, board, fees, travel costs).  MBBs and Graduates of this program may also be eligible for a bursary for the Encounter program. Contact the Admissions Department for details. Lastly, we have also launched an Islamic Studies track within the Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies Program. This is the only undergraduate program of this nature that we are aware of available at a Canadian Christian college, and is an ideal option for anyone hoping to minister or work in the Muslim world. Visit www.prairie.edu/islamicstudies for more details.

    Carey Theological Seminary & Wycliffe Partnerships

    We are thankful for our many partners and friends around the world.  We believe that we will most successful when we are partnered with organizations – listening to them, learning from them and preparing students who can ultimately find employment there or meet some of their needs. For a list of our partners, click here.

    Last week, we finalized a reciprocal agreement with Carey Theological Seminary (Vancouver, BC) that allows our students to have one year of advanced standing towards a master’s degree. Alternatively, students may also choose to have Carey credits fulfill their final year here.

    We have also recently collaborated with Wycliffe and the Canada Institute of Linguistics (Langley, BC) to allow for a Bible translation emphasis within the Bachelor of Theology Degree through a transfer agreement. Wycliffe has been encouraged to see our focus on biblical studies and we couldn’t be more pleased to offer this opportunity for students who are interested in working with Wycliffe one day.

    Thank-you for your support of in the ministry of Prairie. We would not be here without your prayers, volunteer hours and financial support.