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  • Lessons from a Road Trip

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    Most of you were aware that Al (our Youth Professor) and I took a ten-day road trip with our students to visit pastors and missional leaders from about sixteen or more churches in Alberta and BC. I even received a t-shirt from the trip- “Menno...
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  • Three Great Little Resources for Pastoral Students

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    Earlier this week, I received three small books, all in pastel colors from Zondervan Publishers. The three books, written mostly by Brian Croft, with forwards from a variety of people had all been revised from previous works.. The series is called Practical Shepherding and Brian...
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  • Red Neck Funeral

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    Now our family is a little red-neck.  I  mean I come from a lineage of pioneers, homesteaders, and entrepreneurs who braved the west and made a life on the open Prairie. Most of my family lived on farms or at least out in the country....
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  • Lessons from a fence build

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    This past weekend, our family decided to begin the journey of putting up a fence in our backyard. We simply wanted to keep our dogs from defecating on our neighbor’s lawn, oh, and keep our kids in too. But not to worry, the kids don’t...
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  • A Grad Prayer

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    A few weeks ago, we had a wonderful time as we watched our four year grads celebrate their time here at Prairie. The class asked that a couple of us might come and pray for them at the end of the Baccalaureate service. A number...
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  • Creating A Culture of Honesty

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    Yesterday, Prairie was privileged to host Willow Creek’s Innovate Conference, which had to do with creating cultures of honesty within organizations and churches.  Pastor Tim Schroeder did a wonderful job facilitating the itinerant event which is traveling to a number of cities across Canada.  There were 150...
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  • Take A Break Please, For The Sake Of Everyone.

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    A few weeks ago I attended a ministerial meeting where the question was asked about the pastoral practice of Sabbath. As I listened to seasoned leaders around the room, most simply did not have time for Sabbath, some were trying to work on it, others...
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    • March 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

    Two Days Ago: Ash Wednesday

    Our apartment was a little messy and smelled like slightly burnt bacon. We were just cleaning up our dinner and about to head out the door when someone knocked. We answered the door and greeted our friend, who had forgotten to join us for dinner...
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