• Thoughts on a Coaching

    Earlier this week, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Winnipeg.  The purpose of my journey was to join forty leaders from across Canada, to be equipped using Dr. Keith Webb’s “The Coach Model” and Breakthru coaching by Dr. Terry Walling.  Terry Walling serves as President of Leadership Breakthru, a ministry focused on training and developing Kingdom leaders.

    Two things stood out to me about Breakthru coaching. First, in many coaching models, you need to remain objectively focused on client agenda and ask questions.  That is to say, if there are moments when you want to give advice, you must hold your advice. In Breakthru coaching, you are given permission to move between coach and other leadership style “hats’ in the coaching model (as shown in Figure 1 below). The freedom to move from the coach to “put on other hats” (such as mentor, discipler or teacher) at opportune moments, creates a unique coaching experience that I have not evidenced in other models.

    coach2                                                                                                                 Figure 1

    Secondly, in other coaching models, we are not taught about life transitions but see all of life wholistically. In Breakthru coaching, we are cautioned to be alert to the fact that people move through three defining transitions during their life, as a committed Christ follower: Awakening (20-30’s) where people clarify calling; Deciding (30’s and late 40’s), where people sort out meaning and significance, and finally Finishing (50’s through late 60’s) where people discern issues of ultimate contribution. (Walling, Stuck: Navigating the Transitions of Life and Leadership). Here is the traction- if you are finding it difficult coaching someone to determine outcomes, it could be that the coachee is experiencing some major transition in their life.

    To come away equipped with the ability to discern where people are at in a particular stage of life, as well, to be able to navigate between coach and teacher, coach and mentor and coach and discipler were the wins for me. These two “aha” moments were beneficial to empowering emerging missional leaders.

    Now that I have returned from Winnipeg and am back the saddle, it is time to put this stuff into practice.  Stay tuned for part two where I unpack my learning…