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  • I Corinthians 13, Jean Val Jean and Lent

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    This is my first contribution to the PBC faculty blog, so let me introduce myself. My name is James Enns and I am a historian, whose specialization is the history of modern Christian missions. That’s my day job. I am also an ordained Anglican priest...
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  • Vos on the Super Bowl

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    It is officially day one of the post-Super Bowl period of the North American cultural calendar. Our seasonal eschatology has come to its terminus. Whatever are we to do? One thing we can do is think just a bit about the whole show. Matthew Vos...
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  • Gridlock

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    I stumbled on a controversy over a Christian book yesterday–I won’t tell you which one, there are so many to choose from (both books and controversies)–and found one of the author’s points to be this:  we all pick and choose when we interpret and apply Scripture, so the...
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  • The Great Enemy of Hunger for God

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    My deepest need and longing is not for things or relationships or experiences or accomplishments, but for God himself—the God who loves me unconditionally, with an everlasting love which I cannot earn or merit. It is not dependent on my efforts or feelings—not even on...
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