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  • Lessons from a fence build

    featured image Lessons from a fence build fullscreen
    This past weekend, our family decided to begin the journey of putting up a fence in our backyard. We simply wanted to keep our dogs from defecating on our neighbor’s lawn, oh, and keep our kids in too. But not to worry, the kids don’t...
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  • Newborn Calves and the Heart of Leviticus

    featured image Newborn Calves and the Heart of Leviticus fullscreen
    Heifer International is an organization started in 1942 by a man named Dan West who was struck by the meagreness of a glass of milk. While providing relief on the frontlines of the Spanish Civil War he began to wonder how much more effective the...
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  • Vomit

    featured image Vomit fullscreen
    We don’t often talk about it, but the earth’s gastro-intestinal health is of great importance. Beginning with the murder of Abel, this image traces through many significant events in the history of Israel, including the defeat of Pharaoh’s armies at the exodus and the sin...
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  • Head in the Clouds

    featured image Head in the Clouds fullscreen
    Keeping your head in the clouds is quite easy these days.  With the high humidity levels in the atmosphere and the relatively low temperatures leads to ground based clouds.  This cloud layer is also more commonly called fog. The formation of fog generally denotes a...
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  • Up Front | I Will Go, Lord Send Me

    featured image Up Front | I Will Go, Lord Send Me fullscreen
    I could hardly contain my emotions this morning in chapel, as 300 college students blew the windows out of the North Auditorium singing “I will go, I will go, I will go, Lord, send me.” Then Kelly Steffen taught us about Jesus, Our Rabbi, anchored...
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