• Reflections on the Daily Office

    Recently one of my students came into my office with a gift.  He said, “I have something for you that I think you will enjoy.” The gift was a small devotional reading called, “Daily Office: Remembering God’s Presence Throughout the Day.” by Peter Scazzero, published by Willow.  This book was timely as it is something that I have been trying to incorporate into my daily life. Scazzero’s introduction begins with these words, “Most Christians today are struggling- especially when it comes to spending quiet time with God. You may be one of them.”  I thought… wow, he’s right, I do struggle and I am one of them. I better check what this devotional is all about.

    The word “Office,” Scazzero suggests comes from “opus” or work in Latin. He further articulates that “for the early church, the Daily Office was always the “work of God.” Each Office in the book has these elements: Silence, Stillness and Centering, Scripture, Devotional Reading, Question to Consider and Prayer. The Offices can be used in a group setting as well. The big idea says the author, is to create a rhythm of being with God.

    Well it has been a couple of weeks in the Daily Office.  I have engaged in the Daily Office personally, with another student and unpacked a reading for my Impact Huddle- a regular meeting with my small group leaders.  I have had a good time in the practice and presence of the Daily Office.

    This book has rekindled rich times of Silence and Stillness, Scripture, Devotional Reading and Prayer. There have been times, mind you, that Scripture has sufficed on its own without the additional devotional tagged on the back. The big idea of rhythm is really the key.  I heard today on the radio that latest research says, it takes twenty one days to form a habit.  If your habit is not having a devotional life, may I suggest that the Daily Office may be a remedy that you want to check out.