• Passionate Preachers and Teachers

    Well another seven weeks has passed us by and what a term it was – a monologue of Gomer, a narrative of Rahab, wisdom from James, declarations from Jesus, were just a few things we were privileged to enjoy.  When you have had a chance to listen to emerging leaders share about their passion, it is inspiring. We had moments of laughter, solemness and awe, as God’s Word worked among us and through us in the power of the Spirit.

    There are not many courses that I enjoy more, than our introductory preaching course.  We begin to listen to God carefully shape passionate preachers and teachers.  Students overcame their fear of public speaking, they learned how to look at the context, they practiced delivery and gained insight into how to implement Kolb’s Experiential Learning theory into preaching structures via Choosing to Preach (thanks Kenton Anderson). These precious students engaged in what it means to Connect Like Jesus (we are grateful for the many chapters by Tony Campolo and Mary Darling).

    Most of all, we heard from God and were drawn to his throne room.  Students spoke from their hearts about brokenness, redemption, sin, victory, God’s mighty hand of provision, deliverance, obedience and brought us back again to Jesus.  If there ever was a course on spiritual formation, this was it.

    It is a good reminder to me that this new generation of emerging leaders, desperately wants to communicate the gospel in power ways.  These new homiletics are not satisfied with the science of a three point sermon, they want to develop the art of communication.  This generation’s communicators want to tell fresh stories, to be transparent and authentic and deeply gospel centered.  This new generation wants Jesus to be the hero and star of the show. They are not satisfied with the status quo of routine, rather to catalyze one another in community hermeneutics.

    Preach on next gen!