• Up Front | I Will Go, Lord Send Me

    I could hardly contain my emotions this morning in chapel, as 300 college students blew the windows out of the North Auditorium singing “I will go, I will go, I will go, Lord, send me.”

    Then Kelly Steffen taught us about Jesus, Our Rabbi, anchored in Acts 4, where the Peter and John addressed the Sanhedrin and they were recognized as “uneducated, common men, who had been with Jesus.”  I love that!  Don’t you wish that people recognized us for having been with Jesus?  God seems to choose ordinary people who are willing to go.  The greatest ability is “avail-ability”, because God is able to direct our paths and give us the resources to do the work He wants to accomplish. One of the great joys of working at Prairie is seeing students grow in their faith and knowledge of Christ and become better equipped to make him known around the world. Whether they come for a foundational year, a 4-year degree, health care or aviation, our desire is that they will be recognized as having been with Jesus wherever they go next.

    We are mid-way through our fall chapel series, “Unshakeable,” which is visiting our statement of faith, looking through it to the God it reflects.  These foundational truths are common bonds we hold with the global church, across denominations, across cultural and political boundaries and across time.  They do not change, because they are rooted in our eternal Father and our Lord Jesus, who does not change.  As we get to know this God, we are “unshakeable.”

    Join us any Tuesday at 9:55 (Alberta time), and be amazed at the spirit of these students as they sing their hearts out together in chapel and hear from God’s Word. God is leading them into exciting opportunities and they are getting ready…to go.

    Prairie’s Community Chapel and special events are streamed live at www.prairie.edu/tv.