• Discover Directors featured on CBC’s The National

    Prairie’s halls are quiet at the moment. Students are home for Christmas;  profs are assessing papers and exams. But here’s something interesting: Recently Kyle and Jessica, co-directors of Prairie’s Discover program were featured on CBC’s The National. Well, the two of them and their new house—their rather tiny newhouse. You can watch the segment, part of the recurrent feature ‘Only in Canada’ here. Jessica and Kyle have had several opportunities to share about their project both within the 3Hills community and on the web: they blog at tinyhouseontheprairies.

    As a colleague of these two, I’ve been impressed by their willingness to explore ways that their lives might be more fully shaped by their faith and consequent values. It’s a privilege to work with such creative people, and what’s more, no other faculty here have had Peter Mansbridge talk about their home on national TV.

    The tiny house movement is intriguing as a critique of the North American infatuation with space and large homes. It seems to me that the movement is more than just folks trying to make do in a global recession. It represents a critical reaction to the long-standing ‘bigger-is-always-better’ mentality. It’s also interesting to observe that this critique crosses religious boundaries. Perhaps it is an example of the way creation itself suggests the need for limitation and wise stewardship. Perhaps it is evidence that many of us, whether we’re Christians or not, have watched friends and family spend too much time dusting unused space and watering unused lawns.