• A Philosophy of Teaching ESL

    My attitude to ESL teaching is simple: respect, respect, respect.

    My students quickly learn that my main classroom goal is that they absorb as much English as possible in the most-enjoyable environment possible.

    This means making my classes interesting, but not entertaining. We use entertaining elements in class, but we are not there for fun. We come to learn  and do so in what has proven to be quite unexpected ways: role playing, Internet searches, team writing, one-on-one instruction and so on.

    Being in my class is a warm and enjoyable experience. Why? Because I can hardly wait to get to class in the morning, to share what needs to be taught, to learn better ways of imparting that package of knowledge. Unfortunately, class ends too soon and I have to wait another day for my dear students to return for more. We enjoy each other!

    To learn more about Prairie’s ESL program, visit www.prairie.edu/esl.